Gold Hawk Martial Arts Promotions

Gold Hawk New 2nd Dan
Congrats to our new Gold Hawk’s 2nd Dans!
Kevin Smith, Lenore Marrone, Frank Russano, Chris Wojciehowski, Jeremy West, Tyler Dellaperute, Justin Gallo, Michael Hendrix, Cassidy Hasenauer, Sean Petrauskas

Gold Hawk 1st Dans
Congrats to Gold Hawk’s new 1st Dans!
Tasbih Babar, Henry Bourguignon, Travis Bourguignon, Logan Caban, Daniel Disbrow, Tyler Graff, Spencer Johnson, Matthew Olivares, Dallan Pine, Anthony, Scarpone, Amanda Schavlay, Kelsie Steup, Shaun Steup, Ryan Steup, Julia Caracappa.

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  1. chris hurley

    good job everybody for making your first and second dans.

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